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Product number:UV D30/50/100

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          BMG UV D30/50/100 UV laser marking machine, adopting wavelength 355nm UV laser source, output fine beam, delivering high contrast marking effect, which the most meets with the high requirement about the marking process on the products surface. 

          On what material can you engrave with our UV laser marking machine  ?

          .All kinds of plastic material like: PP, PE, HDPE, PE , ABS polycarbonate, polyamide and other more plastic materials 

          .Acrylic material like bathtub etc., 

          .Glass product 

        What message can you mark with our UV laser engraver?

        You can mark: Logo, fonts, characters, numbers, bar code, data matrix code, image, real time clock and much more other messages


          DescriptionDesktop UV laser marking machine 
          UV D30/50/100
          Laser power3W/5W/10W
          Marking filed
          110*110mm  Optional 175*175mm 
          Machine weight
          Around 65KG
          Valid focal length160mm for marking filed 110*110mm 
          Machine size81*71*145cm
          Power consumption<800W
          Working stationStatic 
          Max linear marking speed1-8000mm/s
          Operating language  English
          InterfaceRS232,Ehternet  interface USB
          Fonts Support all TTF fonts , Monomial fonts
          Operating interfaceWindows
          TemperatureEnvironment temperature 0°C-45°C, non condensation
          Humidity35-85% , non frozen , non condensation
          Power supply220V/50-60HZ  single phase  

        UV laser marking machine can clearly mark all plastics and other materials which have adverse effects on heat, especially suitable for marking food and medical packaging materials, marking micropores, high-speed division of glass materials and complex graphic cutting of wafer. The application scope includes: flexible PCB board marking and marking; The micro hole and blind hole processing of silicon wafer; LCD two-dimensional code marking, glass instrument surface drilling, metal surface coating marking; Mark plastic keys, electronic components, gifts, communication equipment, building materials and other materials.

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